How to Use the Website in Personal Evangelism

Published on December 14, 2020 11:58:50 AM - Modified on January 18, 2021 4:23:56 PM - Written by Robert Chambers

This article provides a summary of the teaching materials available in the website at along with instructions on how they can be used to share the Good News of Jesus with others. This includes the basic training needed to equip Christians for the task of spreading the Gospel in Personal Evangelism. The teaching presentations are also suitable for self study and edification.


The website at features multi-media resources (articles, videos, podcasts) that have been prepared with three objectives in mind:
  1. Making the Good News of Jesus readily available to anyone interested in learning the Truth about Christianity and what it means to be saved
  2. Providing training and teaching resources for Christians to use in Personal Evangelism sharing the saving message of Jesus with those who need to hear it
  3. Introducing Bible-based study materials and presentations to encourage and foster spiritual awareness and growth 

Evangelism: Teaching the Gospel

For Christians specifically interested in personal evangelism, there is an entire section of the website devoted to “Evangelism:  Teaching the Gospel”.  The goal is to provide the basic training and teaching materials needed to equip Christians for the task of spreading the Good News of Jesus. 

Training Resources for Evangelism

No one wants to take on a task without being prepared to meet the challenges ahead.  This is particularly true in personal evangelism.  Three questions come to mind:
  1. How do I get started?
  2. How do I lead a Bible study?
  3. What do I teach?
The answers to these questions are addressed in written articles and presentations published in the “Evangelism:  Teaching the Gospel” section of the website Descriptions of the first two articles follow. 

"How to Initiate Bible Studies"

This article emphasizes the importance and need for personal evangelism and provides specific instructions for how to get started.  It includes valuable information about how to develop and improve essential people skills like overcoming the fear of meeting and talking to new people. There are also suggestions for where to begin and how to recognize and pursue opportunities to teach people the Gospel of Jesus. 

"Recommendations for Bible Study Leaders"

For people who have never taught one-on-one or in a small group, conducting a Bible study can be a stressful undertaking.  This article contains a detailed list of suggestions about “things to do” and “things not to do” when leading a Bible study. These helpful hints are provided to put teachers more at ease and to avoid some of the distractions that can make the Bible study less effective. 

Teaching Materials for Evangelism

It is very important to use teaching time wisely. After all, you may have only one opportunity to meet with an individual.  What are the most important things to say and how do you say them?  Although people may approach the topic differently, it is useful to have a starting point for individuals who want to learn what to say. With that in mind, the website provides a written article, teaching template, and various presentations designed for teaching the Gospel in personal evangelism.  They are described below and are available through the links provided in the “Evangelism:  Teaching the Gospel” section of the website. 

"Teaching Template"

The “Teaching Template” is just that.  It is an illustrated outline scoping the content for a personal Bible study lasting just over an hour. This template has dual purpose serving both as a teacher’s guide (i.e., notes) for Bible study leaders and a learning handout for Bible students. It presents the Good News of Jesus through five Pillars of Truth that underlie the Christian Faith.  The template can be downloaded directly from the website for printing as needed. It is also available in the article entitled "A Teaching Template for Personal Evangelism".

"The Good News of Jesus Christ"

This article is a companion to the “Teaching Template”. It provides a written explanation of the five Pillars of Truth. The intent of the article is to familiarize the study leader with the subject matter in preparation for presenting the material in the teaching template.  The article provides a written example of how the subject can be taught.  

"Teaching Template Presentations"

For Bible study leaders who would like to allow the website to do the actual teaching from the illustrated teaching template, multi-media presentations are available. These are located adjacent to the study template on the website and can be accessed as videos, podcasts or slides.  The first presentation introduces the five Pillars of Truth.  It is followed by five individual presentations describing each one of the pillars separately.  These are the same five pillars illustrated in the teaching template.  A seventh presentation discusses what God expects for new Christians.  

With these teaching presentations, personal evangelism can be undertaken by simply sitting down with an individual and playing a video or podcast on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. For study leaders who want to take a more active role, the presentation slides can be viewed, presented and discussed with the student.

Additional Resources

For students seeking a greater understanding or for teachers wanting to do additional preparation, the website offers more advanced studies. They are summarized below:

"The Message and Mission of Jesus"  (podcasts)

This is a Podcast series consisting of an introduction followed by 10 lessons (just over 5 ½ hours of listening time). As the title suggests, it covers the message and mission of Jesus - providing a thorough overview of the basis for the Christian faith from beginning to end.

A Debt I Cannot Pay  (book)

This book, also authored by Robert S. Chambers, is an inspiring and insightful spiritual guidebook and Biblical commentary that focuses on the deep and abiding relationship God has with us, His children, and how He gave so much in His Son in order for us to be with Him forever without sin and for eternity. It offers a written account of the content found in “The Message and Mission of Jesus” podcasts.  The book is available for purchase from the publisher WestBow Press, Inc., or any of the website retailers (e.g., AmazonBarnes & NobleChristianbook). 

"Study Outlines"

These study outlines define the curriculum for three quarters worth of Bible classes on “The Foundations of Christianity”. The three topics are:  “The Gospel of Jesus”, “The Church”, and “Christian Worship”.  The class outlines for “The Gospel of Jesus” cover the same material found in “The Message and Mission of Jesus” podcasts.

"Gospel Meetings YouTube Channel"   (links to YouTube videos)

These are videos of sermons delivered at Church services and Gospel Meetings. The lessons focus on presentations of the Gospel and personal evangelism.

"Devotions YouTube Channel"  (links to YouTube videos)

These are video presentations of Bible lessons on a variety of topics designed to teach and encourage those who want to hear more about what wisdom the Bible has to offer. 

"The Truth Transforms YouTube Channel"  (links to YouTube videos)

These videos address topics about God, creation, science and the spiritual realm. They are designed to appeal to individuals searching for the truth about life.


In addition to the articles mentioned previously, there is a separate “Articles” section (both individual and series) on the website containing material addressing other topics.  These topics are chosen to explain the role Truth plays in transforming lives and to provide meaning, purpose and perspective to life and its struggles.

Personal Evangelism for Everyone

Sharing the Good News of Jesus is something all Christians should be doing.  In fact, the apostle Paul clearly stated we are to be “Ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us” (2 Corinthians 5:20). The question most often raised is “What can I do?”  You can do a lot!  

Now everyone has access to a qualified teacher and mentor through the website at  The website can do the teaching through videos, podcasts, slides and articles if we can get this material into the hands of the people that need to hear the Truth. That is where you can help – by connecting people to the website. 

In this electronic age, the internet has become widely accessible through smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, smart televisions and even watches. That provides a means to get the Good News of Jesus into the hands of literally billions of people through the website.  To do that, we must make people aware of its existence by sharing the website address at  This is something every Christian can do.  Here are some ways to do it:
  • Post links on social media platforms, newsletters, publications, newspapers, journals
    • Promote the website on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Email information to your contact lists
  • Add the website address to your email signature
  • Share with friends & family (cards, letters, phone calls, texts)
  • Post the website address on your congregation’s bulletin & website
  • Make business cards for your evangelistic outreach and distribute them to people
  • Download this article on “How to Use the Website in Personal Evangelism” 
    • Use the article to build a team of evangelists
    • Distribute it to people to excite their interest and solicit their help
  • Be creative and use your own initiative to find ways to share the Gospel using the website resources 
It is important for Christians to continue Christ’s mission of preaching the Gospel to the whole world.  Jesus was willing to die for that cause.  The question is “What are we willing to do?”