About the Author - Robert S. Chambers

Over the years since becoming a Christian in 1974, Robert S. Chambers has served the Lord as a pastor, deacon and Bible class teacher. Having a passion for lost souls, Bob has managed a greeter’s program, served as the educational director and engaged extensively in personal evangelism, mentoring and writing curriculum to make, foster and grow disciples of Jesus. He and his wife Janet have two daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Holding a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas at Austin, Bob retired from Sandia National Laboratories in 2015 as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff (DMTS) in the Engineering Sciences Center.

In 2017, he published his first book, A Debt I Cannot Pay – a thorough study of God’s plan of salvation exploring the nature of God and tracing His unique relationship with humankind from the Creation to the Cross. Now he is devoted to teaching, writing, and spreading God’s Word through his website ministry at www.TheTruthTransforms.com.