About the Author - Robert S. Chambers

Since becoming a Christian over 42 years ago, Robert S. Chambers has served as an elder, deacon, and Bible class teacher in the Church of Christ. Holding a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics, he retired from Sandia National Laboratories in 2015 and now is devoted to teaching, writing, and spreading God’s Word through his website ministry at www.TheTruthTransforms.com.

Growing up in a small town on the Ohio River, Bob was raised in a denominational church by loving parents who modeled a life of righteous living, hard-work, and responsibility. Contact with the Church of Christ came through Janet, his high school sweetheart and future bride, who challenged him to let go of religious traditions to embrace the teachings of the Bible. Years later, a couple weeks before exchanging wedding vows, Bob was baptized into Christ. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bob pursued a career in structural engineering after receiving Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University. While working at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas, Bob and Janet attended the Ridglea West Church of Christ where he taught 4th grade Bible classes and worked in a bus ministry outreach. A few years later, they moved to Austin, Texas where Bob earned a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin. While living in Austin, they worshipped at the Southwest Church of Christ. After lecturing a year at the university, Bob and Janet moved to Albuquerque, NM and placed membership with the Netherwood Park Church of Christ. There Bob served as a Bible class teacher, deacon, and elder and developed curriculum on the “Foundational Principles of Christianity”. In 2015, Bob retired from Sandia National Laboratories as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff.