Why Is Transformation Important?

Published on February 12, 2018 10:45:30 AM - Written by Robert Chambers

The best advice for those who find themselves trapped in a deep hole is to stop digging. Through selfish desires, foolish actions, or shear ignorance, all of us have managed to fall short of God’s expectations and thereby place ourselves in that proverbial “deep hole”. In the process, we have created personal hardships, hurt others, and more importantly managed to alienate ourselves from the Creator. These things have profound implications not only for life on earth but for what awaits us beyond the grave. A divine transformation is needed to get us back on the right track.

Our physical predicaments

Human nature draws us to things we like. Good food, tasty drinks, enjoyable company, pleasurable experiences, and stimulating entertainment can provide healthy outlets from the day-to-day drudgeries of life. However, even healthy pursuits can become harmful when taken to excess. Add to that the long list of unhealthy things offering short term highs and it's easy to see how we can fall into patterns of bad behavior that lead to personal suffering and long term destructive consequences. Such is the fate of many who have become impoverished by the selfish pursuit of worldly pleasures. Drug and alcohol addictions, divorce, broken friendships, crime, financial ruin, and legal troubles are just some of the possible physical outcomes. These add needless pain and suffering to what is often already a difficult life. The Truth can direct us to a better way of life.

Our spiritual jeopardy

Even more important than the physical predicaments of life are the spiritual consequences of being alienated from the Creator when we defy His will for us by leading an unholy life. Being created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27), humans were endowed not only with a physical body but also with an eternal spirit (reference article Always Remember – You Are Special!). In physical death, our spirit returns to the Creator Who gave us life (Eccl. 12:7). For those who have not been transformed by the Truth, there awaits an eternal separation from God in the anguish and torment of Hell. Our loving God does not want that. God wants all humankind to hear and obey the Truth and be transformed into His Kingdom, leading to eternal life in Heaven (The Message and Mission of Jesus).